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RV Tips to beat the HEAT! ๐Ÿœ๏ธ

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Sure, it's hot. We are in East Texas, and the heat index is 113ยฐ this afternoon! ๐Ÿฅต

It's a wonderful 73ยฐ inside our RV! ๐Ÿ’™

How is this possible?! Below are 10 products (and tips) Chris has installed over the last few months.


1. Change (or in some styles, clean) Air Filters every 30 days - depending on usage. This will keep your intake clean and open for maximum usage!

Be sure to check the size and style needed for the intake on your specific air conditioner model(s).


2. Fans! While I think fans are ever-so useful all year, they really help move the cool air from the a/c vents.

We have four.

  1. Ceiling Fan in the "Living Area." Chris switched our fan from the original ceiling fan style that came in our unit.

  2. Compact, but tall- portable, USB-Charging, Remote Controlled Fan. Need I say more? So great!

  3. "Monitor Fan" that clips perfectly to the top of our tv in our master bedroom.

  4. Our Newest Fan, this amazing Remote Controlled Oscillating Fan. It's perfect in our second bedroom. While we normally order from Amazon, this was one of our exciting Costco finds from over the weekend!


3. HVAC Tape to seal any openings in or to the a/c ducts!

Suggested locations:

-Inside the ducting vent holes, to seal the top and bottom layers around the holes.

-Along the ducts themselves, if there are any gaps or holes.

-The ends of the ducts can have openings that lose a lot of airflow.

*While you are there, be sure be sure to check the actual ducting for bunching or gathering for the pliable style ducting.


4. Directional Air Vents- so much better than the original style our unit came with. These are perfect to help create more airflow as a whole, but they specifically help create a better opening from the air ducts. We could instantly feel a difference as soon as these were installed.


5. RV Airflow Systems. I know these seem expensive (and they are) for being made of foam- but they are designed so well! They help increase airflow so much! We have two air conditioners that were compatible with these, and installed them on both! Night & Day Difference, and bonus- they made the air conditioners quiet!


6. Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Thermostats! We have two air conditioners that were compatible with these, and installed them on both! These are so much more efficient than the original dial thermostats that came with our unit. Now we never have to worry of the temperature inside our camper when we leave our dog at home.

*Also, quite handy if you are feeling lazy and don't want to get up. ;)


7. Indoor & Outdoor Thermometers. This may sound redundant to the Wifi Thermostats, but these are handy in other ways.

-They show humidity.

-You can have 4 locations: we use hallway inside, main storage compartment underneath, outside & in the cover for the water tanks. (Doesn't sound needed at the moment, but it really was during freezing temperatures.)


8. Window Blackout Clings! These are amazing! So far, we've installed them in our Master Bedroom, and long Hallway Window. Privacy is a plus, but they help cut the heat tremendously.


9. Reflectix Wrap! This stuff helps everywhere!

Places we've used this in the last week:

-Wrapped the A/C Intake on our 3rd (non-ducted) unit. This helped cut the heat and sound! Double Win!

-This wrap also fit perfectly in the furnace intake under our Master Bedroom steps. This intake is used during Winter when/if the propane furnace is used. This intake also goes into the underneath storage.

*If you cover your steps with Reflectix, remember to remove in the Winter. :)

-This wrap also works to insulate the inside of your kitchen cabinets that touch the exterior of your RV. The uses are almost endless! It's also very cheap, which is helpful!


10. Non-Ducted Additional Air Conditioner!

This was the last thing we've added, mostly because we wanted to wait to see how our original two units held up during the year considering the cost of adding an additional unit.

This may be my favorite addition, yet! Chris selected this Non-Ducted Unit for multiple reasons, but the main reason was to bypass the air ducts that the other two units were connected to. This has been a game changer. It even has a remote control! Our RV came prewired for a third air conditioner in the kitchen vent fan location.

The model we chose also has a dehumidifier! We ran it for about 30 minutes the other day and it took out 9% humidity in our camper! We were quite impressed. Not that we want to think about heat, at the moment, but it also has a heat pump for Winter.

We ordered this amazing unit from!

Save 5% on all RecPro Orders with our code: take5off


Note: You did not see using an awning in my list. Awnings are great! They even help quite often to reduce the amount of heat hitting the side of your RV or Windows. However, I would not count on the ability to always use awning. Wind, rain and other weather may not be optimal for awning usage. It doesn't take much force to break your awning and/or cause great damage to your RV. Always use your awning with care.


Here's a video (from the afternoon this article was posted) showing the tips to keep your RV cool (even in Texas heat) really work! โœ…๐Ÿ˜Ž

Also, you can see the bread our daughter, Emma, made in the RV Oven! ๐Ÿฉต๐Ÿž

*Check out my recipes for tips on baking bread in your RV Oven! ๐Ÿฅฐ


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