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Is RV Living right for YOU? 🤔

Truthfully, only you can answer that.

Here are 5 things we think you should consider:

1. Take the time to really research it. All of it.

- The biggest snags we see happen most often are:

Sleeping Spaces for kids, clothing storage

& cooking spaces.

2. Have you ever spent time in RV’s?

- We’ve met people that decided to just buy any RV, and “make it work.” This is not impossible, but maybe not the most cost-effective approach. Rent some if you need. A lot of Full-Timers start off as Weekenders. This gives you a way to test the waters.

3. Have you physically walked into multiple styles & brand of RVs?

- This was important to us when we were looking to upgrade from our Weekender Travel Trailer to our Full-Time 5th Wheel.

- Our tips to Research a Full-Time Rig:

• Decide the style RV you need. There are so many kinds, and only you know what fits your needs!

• Make Lists!

Examples: Must have features, layouts, storage spaces, weight rating ability (if it’s a style you need to tow.)

• Try to visit an RV Show, or at least multiple Dealers with a large variety of brands all in a short time frame.

This will allow you to compare them much easier.

4. It’s ok to not buy your dream RV right away!

- So many of us upgrade later on, after we’ve spent a lot of time in our RVs, and that’s perfectly fine. You don’t have to do it all right out of the gate. Upgrading takes planning, and is often in stages.

5. Money. It’s always going to come down to money, and have a plan for work.

- RV living looks different for every single person or family!

- You have options, and the BEST PART about RV Living is plans can change!! You always have ways to adapt!

- Stationary, Seasonal Locations, Move Often or even every day/week/month/etc . • they are all RV Living.

- Boondocking, Camping Memberships, Campgounds, RV Resorts • they are all RV Living.

Just give yourself time, make a plan, have lists, know what you’re getting into - and you’ll find the most amazing people in the RV Community!! We are all happy to welcome you, and are here to help! 🫶

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