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Meet the Banks Family | Full-Time RV Living

We started our family RV Journey in Spring of 2021! We thought it would be fun to camp and explore what nature has to offer!!

We started out in a 30ft Travel Trailer for weekends and vacations (2021 Keystone Hideout 272bh). This was a great camper for vacations, but "wanderlust" was pulling us in for Full-Timing- and we certainly needed more camper for that!

Chris & I started making our lists of favorite features and must-haves. We researched high and low for the perfect layout for us. After reading some great layout suggestions on social media, we visited a RV Show to view them all on the same day!! Quite the adventure, in itself!! We had a final list of 3 models, and by the end of the day we selected our HOME. We gathered our thoughts and started planning. We contacted a local dealer, and started the process! Our model wasn't readily available, at that time, so we knew we had a few months to wait. Which gave us plenty of time to prepare for this giant change in life. Selling our house, purging almost all of our worldly possessions, figuring out homeschooling, and maybe trying to ensure we came out sane at the end of this process!

About 3 months after the RV Show we got the call from our dealer that a unit was in transit from the factory, and available! We jumped on this opportunity, as you only live once- right?

Spring of 2022 we got our upgraded 5th Wheel (2022 Keystone Avalanche 390ds). Amazing difference in size, storage & layout. Then the real fun started: actually selling the house & sorting life one box at a time. July 2022 we loaded up and started life in our Tiny Home • Living Big!

Welcome to My 500ft² Life! -Kelly

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